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Previous winners of enCORE accelerando 2022 - where are they now?

As a young classical musician, it can be challenging to know how to develop your network and skills with industry professionals, and how to promote your projects. That’s why programs like JM International’s enCORE Accelerando, a global youth-music meetup, can be a game changer. To help inspire and motivate young classical musicians who are considering applying to enCORE Accelerando 2023, we’ve gathered insights and reflections from the previous winners of the program.

You can find out more about the winning projects here:

When asked about their initial reactions to winning the prize, they all shared how it gave them a sense of validation, encouragement and motivation to continue pursuing their projects. Serena Huang (USA/France) and Justin Bartlett (USA), winner of the project The Creative Baggage Collective, wants to develop an accessible launching point for musicians who feel stuck or don’t know where to start. Serena shared with us:

– Honestly, I had such a great experience participating in the workshops and activities that winning was just the cherry on top of an already amazing week. I felt really validated in my project idea, knowing that my mission resonated with so many people and that the jury believed in my team and our idea.

We also asked the previous winners about the main developments and achievements of the winners' projects over the past year, and they have shared with us various accomplishments. Serena highlighted the launch of their database of opportunities, securing yearly sponsors, and developing a system where users can save opportunities. Maria, Dominika and Veronika (Hungary), and their winning project For who was not born, focused on exploring different formats, training movement and expression, recording in the studio, and making contact with institutions related to their topic of interest. Kristine Botros (Sweden), winner of the project Cōnsentiō [agree, accord, harmonize], is almost ready to release her project, which is taking the form of an extended play that she will perform in Stockholm. When asked about how enCORE accelerando impacted the project and career, Kristine shared with us that:

– This was a huge boost in my confidence in the project! As a music producer it is easy to sit in the studio and work on your crazy ideas, but when you present it to other musicians, especially within the classical music world, and they think it is a good idea, that encouraged me to go for it all the way! - Kristine Botros

Looking towards the future, the winners have various goals and aspirations for their projects. Serena hopes to build a community of creatives focused on collaboration and to show musicians and artists new ways to build their careers. Kristine plans to continue with her project and take it to the next level as an audio-visual album experience. Maria, Dominika and Veronika's next big goal is to make a CD and at the same time they are active on stage, playing regularly.

Last but not least, we asked previous winners what is the number one reason why any young classical musician should apply to enCORE Accelerando 2023. Maria, Dominika and Veronika emphasized being emotionally committed to your project and story. Kristine advises future participants to remember why you come to enCORE in the first place and to take advantage of the opportunity. Serena told us that:

– Connecting with like-minded creatives and changemakers from around the world - both peers and established professions - is an invaluable experience. Make the most of it.

In conclusion, enCORE Accelerando is an excellent opportunity for young classical musicians to develop their skills, network with professionals, and promote their projects. By hearing from previous winners, we can see the benefits of participating in such a program, including validation, motivation, and growth. If you're a young classical musician looking to take your career and ideas to the next level, consider applying to enCORE Accelerando. Who knows, you could be the next winner!

APPLY NOW for this amazing international musical experience before March 31!

During the event you will undergo training in modules related to a project and financial management, fundraising and communications, all the while being supported by mentors who will help you take your ideas to the next level. Each project team will have the chance to pitch their idea to a professional jury, who will award the best 3 projects with a microgrant of €1000 each, turning your dreams into reality! The winning project will also receive further training, support and promotion throughout the following year by JM International.

For more information about the event:


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