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enCORE Accelerando
Budapest, Hungary
10-12 May 2022



[agree, accord, harmonize]

watch the pitch

By Kristine Botros (Sweden)

Our project is a unique collaboration between an academic music producer and highly awarded, internationally renowned classical pianist. Together we are making music that combines two distinct musical genres and pushes boundaries, in order to forge classical music together with electronic/pop-music. Audience that is consuming this subgenre is growing fast in Europe, where both classical and pop-music scenes easily co-exist, this makes modern neoclassical music gaining popularity as never before. This is why we are making high quality music to take the audience of this new and growing subgenre by storm.

The Creative Baggage Collective

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By Serena Huang and Justin Bartlett (USA)

After releasing over 60 podcast conversations with young and established professionals in our field, our biggest takeaway is this: we’ve been taught that the path to a “successful” career in classical music is straight and narrow, when in reality the path to a fulfilling career in classical music is vast, winding, and full of surprises. In order to address this discrepancy, we want to develop an accessible launching point for musicians who feel stuck or don’t know where to start. The Creative Baggage Collective will be an interdisciplinary space for lost creatives to find and share resources, opportunities, and mutual support.

For Who Was Not Born

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By Dominika Ács, María Valverde

and Veronika T-Potzner (Hungary)

Our project is a performance about the mystery of female creativity, fertility, and the state of losing the intangible, what is not yet visible. It puts together classical repertoire, pop, jazz and folk songs, improvisation pieces and medleys. The musical performance includes elements of literature, visual arts, dance and theater. The goals of the project are to break prejudices about classical music, explore new ways of self expression, make classical music relevant in the society, but also to represent voiceless people and explore social taboos and polemical topics.


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By Mathías Santibáñez (Chile)

This project aims to add elements of interactivity  in the relation between visual and sound, so that visuality is understood as a fundamental component in the creation of music. In other words, this project is an alternative to what we usually know about creating/composing music, by interacting with “a visual display acting as a drawing interface which is read and then creates a micropiece” which is entirely responsive to the draw since it follows a coherent and cohesive compositional model in accordance with a contemporary musical language achieved by
electronics and digital sounds.

Music Hear(t)

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By Lamija Sarić and Nejla Žunić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The final idea of the project is to make space for creativity of the children who are becoming young artists and giving them tools in order to create a brand new world of classical music, making it fun
and inclusive, resulting in them looking forward to any new class, rehearsal, musical history lesson…It is proven that learning music by ear keeps the melodies memorized longer and activates many parts of the brain that are important in the age of young adolescents. The classical music will in this way also be available to more people and it will be available for the community of Tuzla through concerts and showcases of the work.

Who's playing there

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By Ivan Šimatović and Marija Anđela Biondić (Croatia)

The goal of this workshop is to present different approaches to teaching music in the digital era and emphasize the importance of perserving tradition while the world moves forward. It is also of essential value to embrace the effects of globalization, so it is our goal to propagate music teaching as a means for inclusion and interculturalism. In this workshop we will show how visual technology can be used to advance the quality of educational content. The workshop implicates that through incorporating modern visual technology students can acquire a thorough understanding of traditional and world music, while educators can improve their digital skills.

Faces of the flute

watch the pitch

By Vanda Weinberger (Hungary)

This exciting, innovative music event will present four members of the flute family and demonstrate their capabilities and how they behave in solo and in chamber. Piccolo, Alto and Bassoon flutes are not commonly known flutes, and they have wonderful individual characters. The target audience are mainly those people regardless their age and their musical education level, who are not interested in classical music and don’t really know the flute. The main aim is to reach out for them and show them that classical music is not boring. A small Irish whistle music block in the end of the concert is also planned, which is easier to enjoy/adopt for them.

NIGRUM.MONTEM {Ensemble for Contemporary Music and New Media}

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By Marija Mitrovic (Montenegro)

The ensemble prepares interactions of several artistic views: from classical to electroacoustic music, audio-visual art, composition, scenography, subjects of social movements etc. Re-thinking creative concepts from micro to macro level considering interpersonal satisfaction, public and emotional interventions, multi sensory visions and authentic influence on the audience. Nigrum.Montem is the place where regular citizens, classical musicians, digital and theatre artists meet to build a better world and the best versions of themselves through mutual creative processes. Finally, this project is also the place where innovation, development and social engagement meet.


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By Angel Spiroski (Macedonia)

The project is a fusion of developing a new system (application/web application) via which the audience and players will communicate and commissioning and premiering a piece(s) by the composer(s) written especially for this project. It is no secret that the interest in attending Classical Music events is in a significant decline, especially when it comes to Young Audiences – the Audience hopefully will become the advocate of this culture. We strongly believe that this project and the results and products which come with it will make a bridge between the Audience and the Professionals in the field of Classical Music, enabling development of Audience with a contemporary experience which will help demystifying the myth of Classical Music being “intangible” for the “common” listener.

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