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VOL.1 - MVT.2

enCORE Classical

Music with No Borders

12-14 July 2019

Warsaw, Poland



JM International invites young classical musicians from all JM member sections to the follow-up meeting after the first enCORE Classical interactive conference in Poland. Promoting the idea of spreading peace in the world through music,  Music with No Borders will take place in Warsaw, 12-14th July 2019. It is a 2-day first of its kind event taking place in The Praga Museum of Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland, a location known for its highly multicultural history & effervescent initiatives towards reducing intolerance and growing shared kindness.  


enCORE Mvt. 2 - Music with No Borders is open to those who are open-minded, who want to experience musical internationalism & explore the topic of diversity. Join us on a mission to break boundaries by collaborating globally and building an understanding and appreciation for our cultural differences.


The activities hosted during the event aim to provide an experience of internationalism. Moreover, you will be able to discuss the worrying tendencies in the world today, such as radical nationalism and xenophobia, conceptualising solutions of cross-cultural collaboration.



The 21st century is a time of a major progress in areas of technology, the sciences, and an awareness of diversity in the world due to the interconnected ties brought on by globalisation. However, in spite of the experience of internationalism and knowledge of the past, within the last 5 years we’ve observed alarming changes politically. In this difficult time young people have to realise that they have the power to act against these dangerous tendencies. With all the digital progress and various opportunities for intercultural collaboration, we have to believe we can make a difference. It is really important that we emphasise the need of internationalism and mutual kindness, as tolerance and dialogue seem too vague to be sufficient for making a change nowadays. In order to challenge today’s and tomorrow’s leaders we must develop new means of promoting the idea of peace and find creative ways of bringing people of different nationalities, views, religions and cultures together. One of them is music.

Music is the universal language which has always been present in people’s lives. But why is it an important tool to build peace in the world? Firstly, music is a code everyone can express oneself in - in one’s own style, in one’s own individual way - and be well understood. At the same time music can perfectly show the unique qualities of each traditional style and expose them to the audiences. Secondly, when performed in groups, music making can be a sentimental and binding experience. Therefore, people exposed to different cultural styles, can get inspired and develop something new for them.

enCORE Mvt. 2 - Music with No Borders follows up recent discussion within the JMI network. In March 2019 JMI launched a brand new platform for future classical music facilitators, professionals and policy creators. enCORE – New Ways in Classical music boldly explores 21st century challenges, giving the rare opportunity to think outside the “classical” box. Recent topics of enCORE were Concert Innovation, Self Management and Music and Social Engagement. Music with No Borders is an event build around the last but not least of these three. It’s open for everybody who wants to learn more and contribute on issue how music in general (and classical music specifically) can be used as a tool and a mean of changing the world.


enCORE Mvt. 2 - Music with No Borders will take place 12-14 July 2019 in Warsaw. The programs in our event are empowered by the universal language - music. Across these two days, concerts and musical workshops will be complemented by inspiring lectures and discussion panels on diversity, intercultural collaboration and conflict prevention. To facilitate these programs, we have invited charismatic speakers and talented musicians from many different countries. Like Portugal, South Africa, Israel, UK, Netherlands, US, Poland and many more. They will share their experience and partake in discussion panels, foster mutual understanding and generate connectivity with our participants.

Day 1

Friday 12

July 2019

  • Until 13:00 - Arrivals

  • 14:00 - “Warm welcome” workshop for musicians, Wojtek Walczak

  • 15:00 - Rehearsals and meetings

  • 18:00 - Check in IBIS Hotel Warsaw Centre

  • 19:00 - Welcome dinner and party

Day 2

Saturday 13

July 2019

  • 09:00: Workshop ‘Music as language’  Filip Sousa (Portugal)
    Workshop based on the usage of music instead of spoken language. It will involve all the musicians participating in the event.

  • 10:00: Coffee Break

  • 10:30: Richard Berkeley – Introduction

  • 11:05: Keynote 1 Laura Hassler

  • 12:00: Keynote 2 Benedykt Pączka * or Project presentation “The Social Orchestra”                   JM Poland

  • 12:45: Lunch

  • 13:50: Concert lecture ‘Universal Power of Music’ Orit Wolf (Israel)
                Lecture including musical presentations given by renowned concert pianist and              TED speaker about the communicative power of music  

  • 14:40: Discussion Panel ‘Finding ways of building mutual understanding. Through                      music?’ Orit Wolf (Israel), Laura Hassler (Netherlands), Benedykt Paczka tbc ,                  Michael Christensen (Denmark) JMI
                Speakers coming from various backgrounds share their insights on diversity                  and communication with culture and music.

  • 15:10: Coffee Break

  • 15:30: Discussion Panel ‘Diversity in the global village’, hosted by the City of Warsaw /                                 Praga Museum International speakers living in Warsaw will share                                     their view on the role of diversity in the modern world.

  • 16:30: Afternoon welcome cocktail for enCORE members, Official Guests, Musicians and Speakers. Speeches and acknowledgements.
    17:45: Vocal Concert ‘A Word about Peace’
                Collaborative concert involving the Polish vocal ensemble Emotivo and TBA will              perform together and communicate ‘Music with No Borders’’ mission through                words of vocal pieces in different languages.

  • 18:50: JAM Session International Musicians, enCORE Members and other members of             JM Network will improvise together, giving space for creativity, crossing the                    cultural borders and breaking the boundaries of conventional performance.

  • 20:00: Dinner  

Day 3

Sunday 14

July 2019

  • 9:00: JM Poland project presentation: Social Orchestra + feedback
             In the session JM Poland members will introduce their newest project and               the most recent success and accept feedback from enCORE members.

  • 9:45: Experience sharing platform - the voice of enCORE
             enCORE members will be asked to share their experience of                                       internationalism, multiculturalism or any of the main topics of the event.  

  • 10:30: Coffee Break

  • 11:00: Lecture  ‘How to live together?’ Alexander Pennington (South Africa)
               Political and psychological researcher will explain why it’s so difficult for                 some people to live together, referring to the turbulent history of his home               country.  

  • 11:45: Q&A and Discussion Panel ‘Our role in peacebuilding’ Alexander                                 Pennington, Otto de Jong, Richard Berkeley

  • 12:45: Lunch

  • 15:30: Final Concert ‘Orchestra - an international organism’
               A purpose-built international orchestra comprising enCORE participants,                 Royal Academy of Music students and musicians from Kameralna N-                       Harmonia string orchestra will perform a varied program, including a new              work, co-written by three composers from different countries

  • 16:30: Conclusion, feedback session

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