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enCORE Accelerando
Budapest, Hungary
26-30 June 2024






















enCORE Classical is an international programme for young musicians (18-30) that is all about the search for new ways in classical music. It’s about looking into the future of a tradition firmly rooted in the past. It’s about supporting the next generation to unpack their artform and offer spaces and support for them to reconstruct it together.


In 2024, enCORE Classical is mixing things up and shifting the focus of this year's event towards training and inspiration around new formats for new audiences. Taking place in magical Budapest, Hungary, enCORE Classical offers young classically trained musicians between the ages of 18-30, a three-day experience where they, supported by industry professionals, will both look at what is the future of classical music and how to get there. The training aims to equip participants with hands-on tools and knowledge around new concert formats and audience development/engagement strategies, connecting them with inspiring industry professionals and creating new networks of young international explorers who want to make a change in the world through classical music. 


enCORE offers a dynamic format that combines inspiration, theory and practice combined with 1-on-1 coaching and interactive workshops sessions. During the event, participants will be guided to reimagine their performances, experimenting with innovative formats, ideas and tools. Participants may register either as individuals or as a group of up to 4 musicians. Each group must come prepared with 1-2 5-minute pieces which they will use as the raw materials to be workshoped during the process. It should ideally be a new piece that you have not yet been finalised.


Curious? Apply before 30/04/2024, enCORE will be selecting 30 incredible participants from all around the world, curating a unique experience that is as much about the people as it is about the programme. 


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