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enCORE Accelerando
Budapest, Hungary
10-12 May 2022

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Barna Petrányi

With an academic background in economics, Barna worked as controlling director for Sziget Ltd., the organizer of the most important outdoor festival of the region. After becoming the manager of Cie Pal Frenak, a well-known Hungarian-French choreographer’s company, he founded Pro Progressione a decade ago. The socially engaged creative hub has become the most important link between Hungarian independent art organizations and artists and international collaborations. Our focus is on cooperation and collaboration between artists coming from different artistic background and having an interdisciplinary approach.

We are working with both emerging and established artists as well as small scale independent organizations and recently with bigger public institutions also, in order to foster their international relations and implement new type, contemporary of artistic projects together.

Personally active in the art community, he served already as board member of the Association of the Hungarian Independent Theatres and was the advisory board member of the IETM, the most important European network for the independent performing scene. Since 2019 he is the board member of MitOst e.V., one of the most important German NGO in the field of culture and civil fields.

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Elena Stojceska

Elena Stojceska is a franco-macédonian flutist, professeur, director, freelance musician and entrepreneur. She has appeared as soloist with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento in Italy, Paul Kuentz Orchestra, Orchestra of Auvergne, Bacau Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Bonsai and French flutes orchestra. Besides her work as a soloist, chamber and orchestra musician, she is a founder and member of Duo SoliPse, flute and guitar duo.

In addition to her performing activities, Elena Stojceska is a passionate and dedicated pedagogue. She is a tenured professor at the Livry-Gargan conservatory for music and teaches at the Paris center Conservatory-CMA W.A.Mozart, giving masterclasses, conferences and workshops at the Faculty of music, the Professional high school and Polyhymnia in Skopje, North Macedonia, at the Conservatory of Chatellerault in France and at the Colloquy in Kromeriz, Czech Republic.

Ms. Stojceska is Director of the Conservatory for music and dance of Livry-Gargan since 2020 and is the recipient in 2021 of the MKarta, a recognition by the Ministry of foreign affairs of North Macedonia for her achievements in the promotion of the country abroad.
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Wojciech Hazanowicz

Wojciech Hazanowicz is a Polish musician, workshop leader and music activist. In 2012 Hazanowicz was elected a president of JM Poland and appointed soon as a General Manager of Polish National Youth Orchestra. He is the author of a widely acclaimed unique live composing method which was used on variety of workshops in Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany and Poland. As a violinist and violist Hazanowicz became a locally renowned session player, made his appearance on many both classical and pop releases.

Recently he's more dedicated to conducting acting as a music director for commercial shows and leading The Social Orchestra. He plays various instruments (piano, guitar, winds, drums) which helps him in his day to day work. As an active workshop leader Hazanowicz works annually with hundreds of children, students and music teachers.

He works for the Polish Music Council as the Secretary of The Board and supports local and central Polish governments with music education expertise. Hazanowicz was also co-owner and music director of Brothers in Arts music agency and currently co-founded technological start-up Muzaic and acts as it's CEO. 

Ricardo van Mildert

The success of his first entrepreneurial project, the music community Future House Music and its sublabels, led Ricardo to leave his career path in academia and political science to work full time in the music industry. Since the beginning of 2020 he strengthened the team of Moon Jelly, the global agency for the music industry, as organizational manager. His passion for psychology and self-development reflects strongly in his view on marketing and business, as well as on the trainings he gives.

More than anything it is his vision is to spark a change in thinking about the music business, marketing and fans. Besides his role at Moon Jelly, Ricardo is an advisor to several blockchain and tech music start-ups. Together with his long-time friend he also runs a coaching and training company focused on burnout prevention, mindset and public speaking. In everything he does he tries to help others reach their full potential.
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