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Era Nova Chamber Orchestra

By Péter Kemény (Hungary)


Often, in the average music concert, the listener doesn’t have the opportunity to experience art: according to composer’s original intentions. We dreamed of a concert that creates space for the audience to freely enjoy and attend contemporary works. This project pairs contemporary fine art works inspired by a piece of music, which direct the audience's attention in the right direction, but do not provide any exact or objective information that could limit their interpretation.

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Axis of Access

By Angel Spiroski (North Macedonia) and Iro Menegou (Greece)

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Axis of Access is about creating a platform that will allow composers and performers of the contemporary music scene in the Balkans region to showcase their personal artistic portfolios. The platform will offer a space for exchange and collaboration among musicians, aiming at building a community that promotes and develops contemporary music creation and distribution, being the first step towards establishing a regional music network.

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Musica De Silva

By Tim Jurkovič (Slovenia)


I believe in giving people access to high-level art consumption in their local area. 

For this, I aim to organise a set of classical music concerts in a small town of Kočevje. My goals: educate, promote, inspire art culture and centralise art enthusiasts; this starting point can inspire an environment, where artists can grow and learn together!

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Listening    to listeners

By Francesco Spina (Italy/Belgium)


What do we know about the user experience of a symphonic concert?

My project brings together venues and orchestras with researchers to discover what elements of the performance could be innovated to engage with new classical music audiences.

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From our hearts to someone’s life

By Josipa Vasilevska and Filip Velkovski (North Macedonia)


The idea of ​​our project is to create a web page with several features, on which online concerts will be held in order to help concerned people from all over the world.

We hope to create a shared place for people who can’t access concerts: art can help in healing and rehabilitation processes, it should not be confined only in halls or venues!

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By Richard Ruijun He (Sweden/Belgium)


The non-profit organisation Sugarbox strives to establish an alternative scene and artistic residency place for cultural events and innovation. 

It will be located in an abandoned sugar silo in the heart of Ystad, Sweden, to encourage sustainable use of historical buildings.

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By Leon Felix Schlagintweit (Germany/Switzerland)


A footpedal keyboard to make tuning drones accessible while practicing. Tuning drones are Synthesizer Notes which help musicians to practice Intonation.

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By Maia Steinberg (Uruguay/the Netherlands)


ProjectA is a conscious artistic incubator that works with blending sound healing and vocal music, creating meaningful experiences that bring people together.

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Niños de las Brisas

By Dissandra Aily Viloria Morales (Venezuela)


My aim is to create a mentorship program for young Venezuelan and Latin American musicians. With this program they will be guided and supported by experienced classical musicians through regular Zoom meetings, workshops, and masterclasses. With two in-person meetings per year, and a final performance, the audiences will discover how strong and transformative is playing and learning music. 

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By Marija Mitrovic (Montenegro)


Addressing crucial socio-cultural problems in Montenegro, we designed an interdisciplinary festival to push boundaries of the old-traditional classical music scene and share it with the rest of the world. 


Connecting international multimedia artists and Montenegrin classically trained musicians, while bringing this occasion to minority groups.

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Euro-Arab classical fusion

By Ihssan Al-Ma’ani (Jordan)


Have you ever imagined what would happen if Mozart’s mother was Arab? 

We've curated this unforgettable experience, mixing forms and traditions of Arab and European cultures. 

We aim to captivate your senses, open your hearts and bellies to the beauty of collaboration and diversity: listening to music, but also eating a fusion of Arab and European cuisines.

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Ars temporis

By Alla Belova (Russia/Switzerland)


A one-man performance about how time can be controlled with the help of music. Using various keyboard instruments, and the contributions of scientists, writers and composers, we will explore this topic with a fusion between concert, reading and theatre.

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